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Once again, purchasing suggestions!


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Alright, guys, help me shop--


1. Thinking about re-doing the pickups on both my basses.


I have a Carvin passive/active 4-string fretless w/2 stock jazz pickups -- played mostly for jazz, I need something that'll respect the high-end. The Carvins sound good, but want a bit more oomph.


Also have an Ibanez active Soundgear (4-string P/J) that wusses on the thumps and slaps, which will need to be corrected ASAP


2. I finally found a way to kill my Eden 2x10. Fried out a cone after 15 years. Any tips on how to change speakers (it's an 8ohm cab) or speaker purchasing suggestions (name brands, ohms, etc) when I reload this?


I can use a bit more bottom from the cab, even though it's usually paired with my ampeg 15/10/horn cab which can thump, but is cheapskate on the high end


(FYI-- Fried the cab when I ran an Ampeg 'baby svt' 100 watt tube thru it, rather than my gk400rb -- rated at like 250 or 280.)



"Women and rhythm section first" -- JFP
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Re: Eden cabinet - replace with the factory speakers. Call Eden.


Oomph and wusses on thoumps and slaps? Not sure I get what you're trying to say.


What strings are on the fretless?


Have you tried new strings on the Ibanez?


Have you tried EQing and hand position changes?


You can usually get "oomph" by boosting your low-mids (200-400Hz range).


New strings sound great for thumb-style.

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I'll second the "call Eden" advice. Replace what your dead drivers with the Edens. You'll regret it if you don't.


As for pups... I played a Fender P with a Rio Grande pup over the weekend, I very much liked it and may put one in my Peavey. More of a vintage, overall rounded tone than the standard P pup. They make J-sets as well. Are the pups active or the preamp?

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Hey getz--


Not sure what I strung up the fretless with last-- it is a flatwound set, and it ain't Rotosounds.


I swear by Rotosounds on my fretted (roundwounds) -- which I just changed a few weeks ago, and it gave that new string oomph, I just want something with a bit more bite.... it's like saying I want an 'orange' sound...I can't really describe it, but I know it when I hear it.


I want to try flatwound Rotos on my fretless, hoping for an added bit o' punch; of course, living in the middle of nowhere, the only time I travel to the 'big cities' are Fridays or Saturdays after hours for gigs (my nearest Guitar Center is 1.5 hours away, and last time I went there, they were sold out of Roto flats).


(No I do not live in a cave; yes I have heard of Musicians Friend and AMS)


I've also tried various hand position changes; toyed with the EQ before, but perhaps not as extensively as I should.


Thanks for the advice, guys.

"Women and rhythm section first" -- JFP
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