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Guitar tech or luthier in DC/Baltimore area?

Wolf Tyrant

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Been a few years since I visited music stores in DC, but here's a couple:


Wheaton, MD, just off the BW "circle of doom" at approx. heading 1PM from the Capitol. Used to be called the Washington Music Center. Park in the back lot, there used to be a stand-alone house where the repair guys did their thing. They were pretty decent.


Tacoma Park, MD: The other place I'd try, not really for electrics but the people were very hip musicians, was a little retail music and instrument shop somewhere off that East-West highway just about a few miles away. Think they were called Tacoma Park Music or something similar. My guess is they might have a local contact for instrument repairs. Worth a trip to browse the music section because they have some very esoteric music there!


SuperPages should give you an approximate location with a link to Mapquest to get you there from "where-you-be-at".


Other than that I'd go to a club, catch the bass player at a break and ask him where he takes his stuff.


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