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the zen of tubes

The Fonz

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i was reminded tonight why i love ampegs so much.


i finally got to try out the new rig at rehearsal. as the guitar player also runs tubes, the ampeg doesn't cut through as well as the solid state does, but it's got that rumble. you don't so much hear it as you feel it. it makes me so much more comfortable because i feel what i'm playing in a very literal sense. it lets me just lay in and play what comes to me instead of straining to listen and say "wow, this is really thin" and play fill after fill to compensate. my playing becomes less busy yet the low end gets fuller. i'm more confident and smoother. though it's not as audible i don't play as hard which allows me to play with more feel.


it's amazing what a good peice of equipment will do for you. it pulls out your abilities. i guess the old adage is true: good equipment won't make you better, but bad equipment will hold you back.

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When it all gets to be too much on stage, I will back up and just touch the loverly BlondeZooka with my calf and it brings it right back home.

If I could sit on my cab all night, I would. :)

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I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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Originally posted by mattulator:

If I could sit on my cab all night, I would. :)

Not me. Too many other "movements" make their presence felt.


I keep thinking about Ace's last statement. While I agree with it, I think there is something to be said for better equipment. When I bought my nice bass, I didn't step up three notches over night (or two years later). But there were changes:


1) Things I was able to do that I couldn't do before. In my case, the truer sound and better sustain gave me a presence (in the sound) and confidence (in my head) that I didn't have before. And a much better and clearer sound makes me stand out in the band.

2) I was inspired to push it. To learn more and work more. Some of this was to adjust to the instrument, which was quite different from it's predecessor. Some of it was just to be a better player.


I think it's easy to hope that great gear will make you great. Ultimately, you have to make yourself great, but the equipment can inspire you.


Ace, I look forward to having the same response as you when I get around to buying a good amp. I understand just what you meant. I'm glad it's working out so well for you!



(sometimes, I just grate)


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