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Wolf Tyrant

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wraub, Ace Cracker, and I sampled an Elrick 5er at the Guitar and Bass Boutique in NYC a couple of winters ago.


It was a nice bass. To be honest, I don't remember many details of what I liked and disliked about it (I seem to remember something about one of the pots being a little crackly and with that exception thinking that there had been good attention paid to detail) -- thus, not being able to help you much. I did like the F Bass I played the same day better, and the Atelier Z bass I played less.


I've heard some nice comments about Rob Elrick, and if you're curious about his basses, you might want to give him a call and talk with him about them. You can also call or e-mail Jimmy Coppolo at the NY Guitar & Bass Booty-Q to get some information. Jimmy deals Elricks and Elrick makes a NY Boutique model.






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I've played them at Jimmys. I also know a guy who had an Elrick 5. Smooth, flat neck, great feel, fine sound. Construction looked cool as well. For a while he was using pink ivorywood for the fretboards. It looks distinctive and feels pretty much like other hardwoods. He also likes the look of burl in the bodies.


The electronics are standard Bartolini.


Wolf - thinking of one? Seen one lately?




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