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Book recommendation for Latin styles


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I've been lurking in that forum for a few months now and I've learned a lot, so first of all I'd like to thank you :)


On to my question: in various bass books there are just a few latin grooves, e.g. one or maybe two different Bossa Nova grooves. Not a single word about typical note choices, notes to avoid (despite the fact that you would be "allowed" to play that note by looking at the chord symbol in other styles), which beats to emphasize, where to leave space, and so on.


Do you have any suggestions for a good book on latin grooves?


Does anyone know the book "In Search of the Groove" by Patrick Pfeiffer? ( Patrick\'s Homepage -> Products)

Would that cover the stuff mentioned above?


Thanks in advance.



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lo que dijo Jeremy....


also, books are fantastic, but listening to it ia also a great help. I have to recommend anything by NG La Banda and a Cuban Band named Klimax, they are off teh hook and the bassist, Ricardo Riveron, i believe is his name, i should know , though, because he is my favorite, is smokin' - its the new Timba sound from Havana and it has very musical elements of jazz in it. you can find the cds at www.descarga.com


Oscar Satagnaro is also a master of Latin Jazz- check out his cd.

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