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Finally made it into Bass Player Mag....


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Well sort of......


Dave Holland issue/Jan 2005 issue

Check out page 12 picture # 3 ..

Ed Friedland on stage...


I am the guy in the front row with the green shirt.....3rd in from left.....also pictured are our great moderator Shecky Capasso and Dr Sweet Willie..last row - upper right....



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couldnt even recognize your fellow lowdowner


tisk tisk tisk.........


um, i have no idea how any of you look....

Hiram Bullock thinks I like the band volume too soft (but he plays guitar). Joe Sample thinks I like it way too loud (but he plays piano). -Marcus Miller
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Originally posted by Ed Friedland:

Well alright! Guys, just don't forget me now that you have hit the bigtime....


By the way, it's Friedland, not Friedlander. It's a common mistake, no sweat, just spell it correctly on my kickback check!

Sorry for the typo Ed..

I will add a few more sheckles to the check total....and BTW the check is in the mail...


Happy Holidays ( its cold in Forest Hills today)



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