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LaBella half-pressure-quarter rounds

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Hi all, long-time no-see.


I've been wanting to try the LaBella quarter round strings for my fretless, but I can't find them. I tried LaBella's website, but they don't even acknowledge that they exist. Also tried juststrings.com, but they don't list them either.


Correct me if I'm wrong (surely someone will,) but weren't they called 1/2 or pressure rounds before? I saw the "quarter rounds" in the latest BP mag and tried to find them somewhere to no avail.


I did use the forum search feature, but came up short, so please hold all flames.


Does anyone have any info on these elusive strings? GB? Anybody?



Jim :)

"Study, study, study...or BONK BONK bad kids!"
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Thanks for the response, JC, but BP tested a set of "tweeners" called 760QL's in the December '04 issue. Maybe they're brand new.


I'm asking because D'Addario changed it's 1/2 rounds from a steel wrap to a nickel wrap recently, prompting me to try something different. I've tried the GHS pressures, and they were good, but I'm almost certain that I heard great things about the LaBellas.


Maybe I'm just losing my mind. I guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

"Study, study, study...or BONK BONK bad kids!"
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I know you weren't looking for flats but recently I picked up a pair of LaBella flats (because they were the only set above 45-105 at the store). How can I put this hmmmmm....

They Suck!

I was completly disapointed. I gave them about 6 hours of play, just to give them the benefit of the doubt but, I wound up putting my old strings back on..


Good Luck in your quest.

If you think my playing is bad, you should hear me sing!
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I have the labella jamerson sets on my warwick and their the best strings ive heard, flat or round. The gauges go from 52 to 110 and they are flats.

Seriously though, with flats, 6 hours of play is definitely not enough. Rounds and flats are different. With rounds the point of that infant play is to take out the bright zing theyinitially have. With flats however the point is to wear them in until they get a little flexier and more comfortable. Of course part of this is in your own compromise, getting your muscles and fingers used to the string.


I say, put em back on and play!

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