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Ebay etiquette


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The guy I'm buying my Roland V-Bass from (it was advertised as in "as new" condition) sent me a mail last night saying he had mislaid the instruction booklet for the GK-2B pickup but was confident he could find it. His suggestion was that he forward everything else to me (after I'd sent him the money via Paypal of course) and he would follow up with the instruction booklet as soon as he found it.


First, let me say I appreciated the guy's honesty. I can imagine some people would have just sent the unit, cashed my money, and crossed the bridge of the missing instruction booklet if and when I made a fuss about it.


All the same I wasn't too happy with his suggestion. Setting up the pickup is rumoured to be not completely straightforward, and I'm not technically minded. I had visions of sitting here having just paid for an expensive piece of gear and unable to use it for lack of proper instructions. An internet search revealed no online manual. I spoke to him and said, sorry, but I'd prefer to wait until you find the instructions before you send me the unit and I pay you the money.


If he finds the manual and there's a day or two's delay in the deal going ahead, no harm will have been done. But what if he can't find it? I'm sure I would be able to source one from somewhere but it could take time, and possibly money. I don't see why it should be my time or my money, especially when the guy balked at an extra few pounds to provide proper insurance on shipping and insisted I pay it. Am I within my rights to say, look, sorry, but until you can provide the manual I'm not sending any money?

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Also, from Roland's help desk:


To ensure the best possible tracking and sound quality, adjust the V-Basss pickup driver settings. After attaching the GK-2B pickup:


1. Press the GK SETTING button.


2. Press F1 [sETTING] and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to choose the string setup that applies to your bass: 4-, 5- or 6-string.


3. Press F2 [GK POSI] and turn PATCH/VALUE to select the string position you used when you installed the pickup.


4. Press F4 [GK TYPE] and turn PATCH/VALUE to select the type of divided pickup thats installed on your bass.


5. Press F5 [DIRECTION] and turn PATCH/VALUE to select the direction in which the pickup is installed: Normal or Reverse.


6. Press EXIT to return to the main screen.


Note: For more detailed pickup settings, refer to page 16 of the V-Bass Owners Manual.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Thanks to all who replied. As I understand it there are two separate manuals (or at least instruction booklets), one for the V-Bass and one for the pick-up. The seller has the V-Bass manual, it's the instruction booklet for the GK-2B pickup that is missing. I may be confused, but my impression is that the instructions linked above are in the V Bass manual, and don't cover how to instal the pickup, which quite a few reviewers at BGRA and elsewhere have said is the trickiest thing about using the V-Bass.


Obviously if someone can forward a copy of the manual I'd be delighted, but remember I'm in the UK.


Although I couldn't fine a GK-2B manual, I *did* find one for the GK-3B, which is its successor. I wonder if any V-Bass owners know whether that manual is close enough to act as a de facto manual for the GK-2B?

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