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A question about my head and cab.

Andy Boy

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I've recently come to own an ampeg SVT IV pro and HLF cabinet. The cab is rated at 4 Ohms

with Program Handling:1000 Watts and RMS Handling:500 Watts The head is rated at RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 490x2/1200 (mono-bridged @ 4 Ohms).


My question is "is it safe to run the head mono-bridged into the HLF", One music store told me yes, and other told said that it wasn't a good idea. :confused:

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Yes. That's the short answer. There's a much longer answer.


- I have pumped 2,100 watts into a cabinet that handles 350-watt RMS.


- I have powered a 300-watt RMS cabinet with only 200 watts.


If you know what you're doing, either scenario is fine. If you don't, you should learn about gain-stages and amplification.


Have you asked Ampeg what they think? Ask the music-store folks "why?" Asking questions is usually the answer (just like you did here).


PS - search. ;)

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The music store employee who told you it "wasn't such a good idea" either has no true knowledge of gain structure or was afraid that you'd blow up your amp and then angrily come back and blame him for it.


I believe it's always a good idea to play with more power than your cabinet is rated for. You get more headroom (ample reserve power) and lessen the chances of hurting your speakers, but only if you exercise restraint with that volume control. That means don't just turn the darn thing all the way up and then act surprised when you blow your speakers.


Start with your master volume all the way down, and your EQ set flat. Turn up gradually with the band playing until you can hear yourself. If you're still having a hard time hearing what note your playing, try gradually boosting the low mids around 150Hz.


Hope this helps.

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