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Music-Dude jokes


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Hey any you guys got any cool jokes mockin guitarist or drummers?

I got one, spose its alright.....


Q: What do you do if your guitarist is drowning?????......

A: throw him his amp! hahaha :D;):thu:

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An old one.


How do you know if a drummer is on your front porch?


The knock keeps speeding up and he doesn't know when to come in.


How do you get him off of your front porch?


Pay him for the pizza. :D

**Standard Disclaimer** Ya gotta watch da Ouizel, as he often posts complete and utter BS. In this case however, He just might be right. Eagles may soar, but Ouizels don't get sucked into jet engines.
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how many bassists does it take to screw in a light bulb.


Only 1. But every other bassist on the planet it going to critque him on his light bulb choice, its wattage, the techniqe used to twist the lightbulb into place, whether or not a lightbulb was needed at all, the politcal correctness of certain wattages of lightbulbs in certian umpteen circumstances, the color of the glass of lightbulbs and how it effects the mood, how lightbulb applicators get no recognition for there efforts, lightbulb GAS, the merits of an original "made in usa" or "made in mexico" version of the exact same lightbulb, if the lightbulb was too tight or too lose, how the light bulbs tone was too bright or too dull or just right, how nobody notices the lightbulb unless the lightbulb is gone, how lightbulbs aren't the focus of every room even though they play an integral part of the rooms atmosphere ....... ;)

Check out my work in progress.
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We've heard them all before.

Every last one of them.

the wise man has spoken. this thread is done.

"I'm thinkin' we should let bump answer this one...

Prepare to don Nomex!"

-social critic

"When I install my cannons, I'm totally going to blast their asses back to the 16th century; Black Beard style"


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