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New Fretboard on a '66 Jazz...I need HELP!!


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I have an old jazz bass and it was butchered by a fellow who called himself a luthier. I have sanded down(w/ a thickness sander) the old pressed on rosewood board and it is now flat w/ the rosewood still at the edges on the neck. I sanded it flat through the maple but not down to the truss rod. I got a new ebony pre-slotted board from Stu-Mac. The only problem is that I only have one shot. I figure and would rather tear out my own throat than allow my child to be violated any further. I am considering a few veneer laminations to try to keep the neck thin but still strong enough. I don't want to wind up with the same problem that had been made for me originally. I need the best luthier in THE WORLD to save my child. I am willing to drive anywhere within 15+ hours or so from Michigan...or do whatever. Any ideas? Please help if you can.


Oh, also the neck will need to be re-routed a bit for binding- the binding had come off, in part, a long time ago. I just know she can live again; I just need the right guy. I do NOT need some moron who "thinks" he can do the job. No offense, but y'know...

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I would check out:

Herb David Guitar Studio


302 E. Liberty St.

Ann Arbor, MI, 48104


This little store has produced several world-class repair people including Dan Erlewine and Gary Brawer.


I haven't been in Ann Arbor for many years and have no idea if Mr. David is still repairing guitars or even if he is still alive, but anyone working in this shop has probably been trained by him.

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