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I don't usually post gig reviews because I do play quite a few and I know most people could give a rat's ass how things went. However, this last Saturday was a first for me.


11 hours

3 gigs

3 bands

3 cities


What a day. One of the bands was joking that it was the Brian Timpe Washington State Tour 2004. I totally need to make t-shirts.


Gig #1


band: Mister Miyagi

event: Bite of Seattle

location: The Seattle Center

time: 2:00 - 2:40pm


The only gig that backline was provided. It's a big music and food festival that happens every year. Fun times, a ridiculous amount of people, and only a 40 minute set. When we finished playing, I had to leave immediately to get to setup and sound check for gig #2.


Gig #2


band: Grunge

event: wedding reception

location: Kirkland (~20 miles from gig #1)

time: 8:00 - 9:30pm (load-in/soundcheck 4:00pm)


I still can't believe this guy wanted a grunge rock cover band to play his wedding reception, but we did. You have no idea how funny it is watching people in their formal attire in a mosh pit. We kicked out your favorites from the early 90's for about 90 minutes. Then it was a very frantic pack up and load out to get to gig #3.


Gig #3


band: Late September Dogs

event: big-ass house party

location: Issaquah (~20 miles from gig #2)

time: 10:30pm - whenever


This was fun, but not very well organized. They had a stage and sound reinforcement setup in the back yard of this house out in the middle of nowhere. There were ~150 people there and two other bands played before us to get the crowd going. I don't think we actually started playing until just after 11:00. We brought a healthy dose of The Rock for a little over an hour, then I went home and died. By the time I got home and unloaded all my stuff, it was after 1:00am. Weeeeeeeeeee.


Overall, I didn't play all that much. Total time playing with all the different bands was like an average 3 set night with Mister Miyagi. All the loading in/out of gear, driving around, and hot-as-hell (and humid) weather really drained me. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


So kids, what's your "most gigs in one day" story?

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THAT's AWESOME, man ! when i get busy like that , at the end of the day, like you, I am exhausted, but i love the feeling that I was on demand and it makes me feel like a real musician...

i have actually done a quadruple, but it was all in Vegas and involved playing in church Sun morning as the first of 4 gigs.


YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Praise ye the LORD.

....praise him with stringed instruments and organs...

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

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for His glory

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Yes yes...many kudo's to you.....My pop(58 years young) gigs like that all the time(and he likes it)...me?...I don't have the patience(or the energy)....the most I've gig'd in one day was with 2 bands and I was beyond shagged when it ended....some time around 3 am....and that was at least 20 yrs ago...


to those of you who can do it....YAH!!!!.....and cut us "ol" timers some slack...god I hope pops doesn't read this!!!


The last thing I need is to have my dad on my ass again!!!....


like he(pops) allways says....."some things never change"...


power on amigo!!!



Have you hugged your bass today?
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yea, I have done that ,too. Can be brutal. Several years ago my 11 pc Carribbean Band played four shows in one day...beginning in Santa Cruz and winding up in Berkeley. 4 gigs in four different cities. Brutal, but everyone made a ton of cash that day!


My personal record is still 47 shows in 30 days.



...it's not the arrow, it's the Indian.
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That's pretty hard core.


I've done 2 gigs in the same day a few times. The worst was when my Trace head ate it at one gig and I had to go home to pick up another rig. It was like "geez, do I really get to lift the gear more than I was already going to? Yay"

Mike Bear




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Lucky SOB's, I've never performed :( Well, people came to watch our rehearsals ... With the Bad Haircuts (world's worst band, trust me) we had a crowd of 3 !! Two of them started laughing so hard that they actually outdid us in the sonic department. And one of em was my mother ...


Came a long way since, though ;) And here's hopin to get my first real gig someday soon !!

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


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A few years back with a cover band:


got up at 5am (Saturday), breakfast, showered, packed clothing, packed equipment, and drove an hour to a late-morning rehearsal (10am-noon) at the singer's home. From there it was pack and rush off to an outdoor biker BBQ party (2pm-6pm), then it was pack and run to a club to set up and play three sets (10pm-1:30am) then pack and go to breakfast with the band (3am Sunday) and then finally home (5:30pm) where I took a nap, got up at 10am to unpack the car and move it to a legal parking spot, then crashed the rest of the day. Didn't pick up a bass again until Monday night.


:D HELLYEAH, I'd do all that again! :D

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That is awesome! :D Good that you pulled it off without being late because of crappy traffic or something. There's something you can rarely count on going your way!


The closest I can come to that amazing feat is 2 gigs in one day, same band. Did that a couple times at least, like an afternoon festival and a club at night. I've done a few rehearsals followed by gigs but that doesn't count, huh... :P

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Originally posted by getz76:

I'm a girlie man... I complain about having one showcase set where a backline is provided. :D

Weiner. ;):D


I got called yesterday for a second gig on August 13th and took it. That'll only be two gigs in one night, but they are practically back-to-back. Thankfully, they are both in the Pioneer Square area of downtown Seattle and are only 3 blocks from each other. Gig #1 finishes at 11pm, gig #2 starts at midnight.


To quote Garth: "I like to play"

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Wow, that's a busy night! The busiest I've ever been was 3 gigs in 4 nights (no backline; this is Connecticut I'm talking about!). At the end of it I was too tired to go see Jerry Garcia for free (not really my cup of tea, but I don't usually pass on music for free)!

"Start listening to music!".

-Jeremy C

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