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Meisel ?s

Jim Viner

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well....I'm not familiar with the brand you mentioned...but I cut my teeth on upright...it's a wonderful instrument..I miss it dearly....a blast to play....I'm guessing you've played upright before..a 3/4 should serve you well....if you want something bigger....maybe a 7/8...but the full size is just too big for most practical applications..imo....good luck



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Meisel is an import company specializing in string instruments. I know the owner, Neil Lillen, a bit...met him at music conventions.


Don't know the specific model number you've got a bead on....I'll just say that it could be literally anything. If it's laminated, you have to check whether the top is collapsed at all. That being said, I doubt I'd pay more than $1200 for it.


While you are at it, avoid the under $1000 stuff all over the web.


Have a look at the Upright buyer\'s checklist thread.


Here's the Newbie to URB thread.


Things got a little heated in the Suggestions for string bass purchase thread.


Read and study all this stuff, don't let it get ya down. Learn as much as possible pre-purchase; and informed buyer has less buyer's remorse.

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I would forget Meisels. They're generally cheap and poorly set up. You'd have to bring them into a good bass luthier to get it set up properly and have the bridge replaced...which would cost more than the bass itself is worth.


If you're looking for a starter upright, I would recommend checking out these sources:


1) Lemur Music Check out their gallery for a good selection of popularly priced instruments. They're based in California but will ship anywhere in the continental United States.


2) Our own esteemed moderator Bob Gollihur. He carries a line of imported Bulgarian upright basses that are very fine instruments...and they won't cost you an arm and a leg ($2075 plus shipping).


3) Craigslist in Baltimore . You'll probably find a lot of private sellers here. Buyer beware, though. If you're not sure what to look for in a used bass I'd take an experienced player with you when you go check out somebody's instrument.

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