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MIDI bass can groove, too!

Sean Eldon

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A little bit of terrible EQ's can make a MIDI bass sound like thunder! Here's proof!




I wrote this at 6am (eastern time) after not sleeping. Started recording it at about 8am. This is what I have recorded so far. This is only the first two minutes, there's another minute or so after this. This is a demo. This is unmixed. Just wanted to get it out there so people get an idea of what I've been doing more recently. It's called "Tell Me Again, It's My Favorite Story"


It was recorded like this: MIDI drum and bass (what I do for all my demos. I play all the instruments live on the real recordings), Martin acoustic and vocals through a 99 cent computer mic. Recorded in Cool Edit Pro. Doesn't sound half bad for being unmixed.


Did you get the paperback of tryin' again?

Have you lost your sense with a losing hand?

I forgot to mention how much time I'll spend

Working out this plan, it's so imminent, yeah



Trendiness is washing all your gold away

Nothing good can stay, that's just as we say

Tender is the heart when all the pawns come in

To celebrate the day when they all ignore clichés

And I can fly above all the rules that you've applied

By and by 'cos my suitcase is packed so awful tight

'Cos I leave tonight


They say what a hero you are

And that the truth is just spilling from your mouth

And how you're "hitting right at home and honest down to the bone.

"He's a savior we can't live without!

And how can we question that painful expression?

Emotion is just spilling right out of out of his pores."

Well I'm sorry to say kids, that he's just inconsistant

And leaving you down on all fours

Do you implore?

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