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OT: Reading Glasses


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I guess this is for the seniors (like myself) on the board. :D


I recently acquired my first pair of prescription eyeglasses for reading...

:cool: ...thats me!


They where pricey and I dont want to lose them so I keep them home...will a pair of the over the counter magnifiers do the trick w/o doing damage to my eyesight?





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why don't you just try on the OTC glasses? If they work, then YAY!
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Only your prescription will tell if there is no other correction. You can get single script (non-bifocals) plain old glasses for around $50 at our local Walmart, and there are a couple other el cheapo "4 Eyes" type places with similar deals.


Getting them at the Dr's office is usually way more expensive than is needed.


I wear no-line bifocals, myself, but have had a second pair of "computer glasses" made after exams for over ten years, since I spend so much time in front of the monitor. My Doc writes a script a bit different than my reading Rx, for the 24" distance from eyes to monitor, and I keep them on my desk. A much appreciated investment that lasts a while once you go through "the change ;) " -- my current pair is about five years old, and I had them use a "clearance" set of frames, nobody sees them except me.

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I also have progressive bifocals, and they are great for situations where I need both near and far vision, say driving and looking at a map. I even have progressive bifocal sunglasses.


But for close-up, fine work, or reading, where I don't need the distance vision, OTC reading glasses are really better because the field of view is wider. And my optometrist recommends them, so I'd say yes, they are okay and won't ruin your eyes.


I have many pairs and leave them everywhere-- on my desk, in my lab, in my tool box, in the bathroom. That way I don't carry them off and lose them; I just leave them where I found them.



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I wear contacts to correct myopia and astigmatism, and in the last few years I've had to use OTC readers for, er, reading. No ill effects so far!


I've got about a half-dozen pair scattered around in handy places (mixer case, briefcase, fold-ups in my pocket, etc.) All together they cost about $25.

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I also have progressives, Lenscrafters, about $400. Worth every penny.


Mine (at least, as advertised) are not merely "no-line" bifocals. They are continuously variable from distance vision (I'm near-sighted) to bifocal.


Because of that, I've learned the optimum vision spot for note reading, computer work and etc.


Only problems: Laying around the house watching TV can be a chore (as can watching a movie or driving) because I have fewer angles of my head with vision.


Make sure you tell your Eyewear specialist (my daughter used to do this) all the various important ways you use your eyes. They can place the progressive correction in slightly different locations...for me, I MOST needed vision to conduct my student orchestra. This need overrides my needs for reading in bed or using the computer.


By the way...I've had problems with my other pair, which I paid a lot extra for anti-reflexion coating. It makes certain things, for example, the white keys on a piano, glow with a florescent blue outline. No good for me.

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Looks like it's time for me to join the club.


...unless my arms grow longer so I can hold the papers farther away :eek:




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