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Review Part 2 - Ampeg BA210SP - disappointing

Rick Hoffman

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MY shiney new ampeg arrived yesterday at Guitar Center. I went in, played it checked it out, something didn't sound right when I played with the effects but I thought it was just me. I took it home and really turned it up and oh god there were some awful noises coming out of this thing.

I went back to Guitar Center but they were closed, so I went to my local music store instead and talked to the guy.

Well the guy I talked to was a bassist, and a damn good one, he took a Marcus Miller bass off the rack and plugged in checke my amp out and he said something is definately wrong.

So I left the amp there with him, as he said he was a certified ampeg tech and they sell a lot of amopeg equip, and the store is a really big bass oriented store. Plus I felt comfortable with the guy and we hung out for a bit, and I checked out some other rigs.

I'm actually pondering a SVT-3 450 watt head with 2x10 and a 1x15 cab stacked, and trading in my BA210SP if its fixed. Who knows.

Anyway the point here is the guy i talked to said that the bass amp series from ampeg have some common bugs in the effects and or some other common problems.

I just hope this repair is covered under warranty

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Originally posted by II Cliff Burton II:

I just hope this repair is covered under warranty

Well if you just bought it new, and you filled out the warranty card, then yes it will be. :wave:
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Originally posted by C.Alexander Claber:

Originally posted by RHINO_ROB:

if you just bought it new. take it back to guitar center and get your money back.

Exactly. And get it back from the other store before he does anything, otherwise Guitar Center could refuse your refund if he's fiddled with it.
What they said.






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Not to defend huge chains, but GC has the right to make this right. If dealer B fixes it on his own, he'll charge Ampeg. That will make it seem like GC wouldn't help you (maybe they won't, but you don't know). It's just not the right thing to do. And I want to know who dealer B is, because he's not doing the right thing either.




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