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The master CD is now in my hands.


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Or at least, that's what I'll be able to say in about two hours, after I get off work, run an errand or two, and pick my copy up from the guitar player.


After a couple of hellish back-to-back 15- and 13-hour days to finish in time to get it sent off to duplication, it is done, and it is magnificent. Or at least, the 98% finished version I heard this morning was magnificent, and I'm sure it hasn't gotten worse since then.


One of the best moments of my short life. Maybe this weekend I'll have enough time to retroactively write the ~3 weeks of studio journal that I've neglected.


Meanwhile, we've got a battle of the bands to win tomorrow night and a CD release show in 3 weeks for which to prepare.


Once we've got the CD back from duplication, I'll post an official "Thanks to all the forum folks" and "Please buy my CD at the following locations" post. And I'm going to see if I can't talk the band into releasing a full-length mp3 to the world as a free single. Do you think that would work better than 4 or 5 30-second clips? I think it would, honestly.



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Hi folks, first post here (I'm more of a lurker).


Clark, I personally detest 30 second clips, I think it's near impossible to judge a songs quality with-out hearing it in it's entirity. Post the full track, music should not be so precious that it can't be listened to.


Congratualtions on your recording session.

Whatever gets you through the night, is alright, it's alright!
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Congrats, Clark. Very exciting. :thu:


I, too, think having a full tune available for download is a good idea. You could do that plus two or three 30-second clips to help express the overall flava of the CD.


Looking forward to your account of all the studio time! :P;):D



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Never heard it called that before.




Congrats, Clark! I'm glad you like it. There's nothing like making something, and then liking what you've made. I can't wait to hear this stuff.

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Great news Clark! I'm really looking forward to hearing what kind of soup you guys have been cookin' up in the studio!


I also suggest that you try to get the guys to approve uploading a complete song, and maybe add shorter clips of other songs to add some flavor.

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