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You MUST get these 3 Reggae albums. Serious basslines!

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My dear bredren and sistren, I cannot stress enough how good these basslines are. :thu::thu:

Please, please, please, find these albums!


1. 'Perfect Love and Understanding':

By Israel Vibrations. Bass by the legend Flabba Holt. :thu:


2. 'A New Chapter Of Dub':

By Aswad. Bass by the underrated multi-instrumentalist Tony Gad.


3. 'Dub Fever':

By King Tubby. Bass by the legend Robbie Shakespeare.


Believe me, when you play along these three cd's, you'll get a real grasp of what Roots Reggae is all about! :cool:

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Thanks for the heads up. I do like the reggae...oh yes...reggae is chocked full of goodness to listen to and play.


Hopefully Napster has these albums so I can give 'em a listen.

Bassplayers aren't paid to play fast, they're paid to listen fast.
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If you want to start a Reggae collection you just can't go wrong with




Not the cheapest maybe, but it's an absolutely superb collection, beautifully presented with comprehensive booklet-buy this and a couple of the obvious Marley ones and you are well on your way. :D

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Now you are talking!! :thu: The tightest Reggae band ever. Bob Marley used to watch them practice in awe, then take them on tour. He then used to chastise The Wailers for not being as tight as Steel Pulse! :D

Get the 2 albums 'Handsworth Revolution' and Tribute to the matyrs' first.

The basslines are tuff! :thu:

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