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Saw The Pixies on Thursday Nite


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Hey lowdowners. I had the great opportunity to see the Pixies in concert on Thursday. What an absolutely fantastic show. It was just their second reunion concert. They played my three favorite tunes(Bone Machine, Gouge Away, and Cactus) which made me very happy.


The band looked like they were having an awesome time. After they were done their main set Frank Black and Kim Deal were all smiles. They played two encores which was absolutely great. The only bad part about the show was that the vocals were fairly inaudible. Then the drummer dedicated one song to "the ladies" which I thought was kind of dumb. But all in all it was good, go check them out!

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Hey again. Yeah sorry I forgot to tell all about Kim's bass rig. From where I was I couldn't really see her all that well. I had to jump up and down to get a glance at what she was playing. It looked like a Fender P-bass to me, but again I couldn't see that well. She was using an ampeg rig of some sort. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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