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FYI: cables

73 P Bass

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I was experiencing a slight distortion with one of my amps on lower notes (it was very slight, but I knew it was there), and for the life of me I could not figure out what it was. Well I changed one of my expensive (but 5 years old)cables for a newer, yet cheaper one and the problem got better. I replaced the other expensive, old cable with a newer cheap one and the problem went away.

I guess cables have a life span. :)

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...and remember to talk to them, in a soft, soothing voice... frightened cables are not happy cables and will f*&k you every time! :D


Seriously, cables do have a life, but you might try using metal polish on the ends or simply unsolder the ends, cut back several inches of cable, then reattach the ends or mount new 1/4" ends. (Not that replacing them is a bad idea, but you may end up with a great, extra cable with some maintainance.

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