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Now what?? Not passed up on a soundtrack deal??

Chest Rockwell

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I got called back at work today by the producer I know stating that they were having 2nd thoughts about the other dude they chose over me in doing their soundtrack work. This is the furthest thing from my mind that I would have expected to happen. I called the guy back tonight and it may be "game on" status again. How incredibly weird. I had already conceded defeat and felt ok about things because this producer who liked my stuff vowed to put it in something else of his in the future. But, here we go again. This I fear is a prime example of "Hollyweird" at its best/worst depending on where you are standing. I'm waiting for Mr. Serling to round the corner at any moment.


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i saw that you were very angry and disappointed originnally- now, rent you glad you didnt tell them to go ---- themselves?

good luck, man!- it's the nature of the business. Stock up on Head & Shoulders because this biz is extra flaky!- - go get 'em! Adrian

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