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guitar Rack effects for bass


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I've got the T.C. Electronics G-force. I've been planning on running it into my bass rig for awhile, it's in my rack but not hooked up yet. Has anyone tried Guitar rack effects on a bass and how well did it work? I'm running in this order...Bass, Sansamp PSA-1, T.C.Electronics G-force, Mackie 1400i, Mesa 4X10, Mesa 1x15. It also makes for a good guitar rig when plugged into 4X12's but thats beside the point. Anyway, I was gonna give it a shot soon just wondering what your thoughts are.
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Yes, try it.


You *can* use "guitar" effects with bass. Heck, I can get some pretty decent bass (from chorused fretless to punch-in-the-gut thump) out of an old POS Zoom 1010, fercryinoutloud. Now it's definitely sub-optimal (read: noisy), but I chalk that up to its being a low-end unit, NOT to its being a "guitar" unit. (Maybe I'll try the TCE!) :idea: I've read that Dave Meros (Spock's Beard) records with a Digitech RP21, & he gets tones from Squire to Jones to Jaco.


As Jeremy said, it's ALL in how you define the patches.

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