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BassLab Basses


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Has anybody tried out BassLab basses? They look cool and Emmett Chapman (of Chapman Stick fame) is outsourcing to BassLab to get material for his new Stick design.


Just wondering how they sound, what the material is like, etc.


In case you haven't ever heard of BassLab and are interested here's BassLab\'s Webpage .

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Whose bright idea was it to let a Physicist design a bass. Not sure about the sound, but the looks may end up getting more attention. That's not a good thing.

Why do I play bass??


Because when you thump an E or B string at the same moment someone stomps on a bass drum you can create THUNDER. Then Zeus is in trouble. Its like being a god, and you don't even have to be a good player to do it. Join a good band and you can conquer the world. Or at least make some people listen.

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