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SWR acquired by Fender

Tom Capasso

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Fender also owns Sunn, Guild, Gretsch, and recently aqcuired a more heavy metal guitar company (Jackson or Charvel I think).

In the bicycle industry Trek owns a good number of other brands, and although the share technology, the all have there own nich and individuality.

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So the question for today is:


Are Guild and Gretsch guitars as good now as when they were made by independent companies?


I know that at one time that Guild 12 string acoustic guitars were sought after.


Gretsch made some great guitars, especially the Country Gentleman.


Has Fender produced anything under the Gretsch or Guild name that is as good?


Didn't Fender buy Rogers Drums at one point? And discontinue the drums later?

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Didn't Leo himself leave Fender? :confused:


Wasn't Fender bought by CBS? :confused:


Or was that EBS, who makes pedals as does SIB and makes amps and cabs as does SWR? :confused:


Wait, now I've confused myself and destroyed any flow there was to this thread. ;):D


I'll wait and see, and cherish my Super Redhead combo in the meantime.





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Yes, Fender was bought by CBS.


The quality went way, way down after the sale.


That's why "pre-CBS" Fender equipment is so prized.


It's surprising to me that 70's Fender gear is now considered "vintage" because at the time many people were talking about what junk it was, how it would never stack up to the pre-CBS instruments.


Later Fender was bought back by the employees and the quality went up again.


Leo Fender sold the company and then designed some instruments for Music Man, including, of course, the Sting Ray bass. Ernie Ball now owns Music Man and has kept up the quality. Original Music Man basses are worth a little more than EBMM versions, probably for collectible reasons.


Fender then formed the G&L company, which makes great basses that seem to have been overlooked by the buying public.

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Originally posted by robb.:

but i do feel justified in not proclaiming the end of the world. i told you so.


Not so fast there. It would seem that someone got some favorable news about the way this will go. I hope it goes well for all the employees involved, for SWR owners, and the bass playing public. But as those of us that have been involved in mergers know, a rosy picture is usually painted up front. The reality doesn't always work out as rosy.


I was thinking about it today, and as a computer programmer/manager/whatever, I've been involved in 12-14 takeovers - being part of the "takers" barely outnumbers the times I was a "take-y". The only thing I'm pretty sure of is that lots of people will be uncertain for a while (probably in both companies).


One thing we haven't talked about is why SWR didn't have the money for new designs. Seems there is plenty of product in players hands, and (despite some quality issues) the brand is respected. What happened?


As I say - my opinion is best described as guarded and hopeful...




Acoustic Color


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Originally posted by jeremyc:


Fender than formed the G&L company, which makes great basses that seem to have been overlooked by the buying public.[/QB]

I agree brother. I've never understood why G&L basses are not more in demand. The sound is incredible! (Though my L-2000 weighs about as much as a rhinoceros).


As to SWR....in the last month I aquired an SWR rig (sm-500 with goliath III cab) at GC. The sales dude there said that GC was going to quit carrying SWR products, but didn't mention anything about a buy-out.


Of course they still carry Fender (seems like it's all they carry sometimes....) So I wonder. Hmm....


I am hopeful that SWR quality will not go down, but am very nervous. Guess I was fortunate to get a "vintage" rig before the buy-out :)

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