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question about peavey bass gear.

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Besides the weight, I've generally though Peavey cabs sound pretty good. I briefly used a old Peavey 410TX and was pretty impressed.


I think a 2x12" would be viable for those interested in such a beast. However, most people using 1x12" are looking for more boutique units, or at least that's my perception. Peavey isn't boutique.


Maybe I should rephrase my first thought: I think the cabs are as good or better than other cabs available retail. Then again, that's why I use Acme's. If I had to choose between a new 2x10" cab, I would choose a Peavey over a SWR, Eden, GK, etc...


I will maintain the same regarding Peavey amps. Blindfolded, I'd be pressed to tell the difference from the latest offerings from Peavey, GK, or SWR, etc...


I will concur, gripes with Peavey: (1) everything weighs 150 lbs. and (2) everything is discontinued after 1 year.


Maury Spadoto

Hoboken, NJ

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Originally posted by robb.:

do you guys think peavey could do more for bass? what would you want to see new? i hear a lot of "can you tell me what's new at peavey?" but not a lot of "this is what i'd like to see." thanks for your help. it means a lot to me.

Hi robb.,


I'd like to see more amp/cab choices than they currently offer. How about a ProBass 1000? :D I'd also like to see Peavey make something and stick with it. Most of their better bass related products don't seem to last. The G-Bass is gone, so is the Millennium. I just checked the web site and it seems that the Grind Bass USA is gone now also. :confused: Wow, it lasted a whole year!


Originally posted by Bumpcity:

Baddest piece of Peavey gear ever made: the Database 1x15 combo. 400W power supply pushing a single Black Widow 15. Ka-boom. This stupid thing could kill small animals at 100 yards and still have headroom left. Granted, it weighed a metric ton, it was small and had more than enough volume (with staggering amounts of low end) for 90% of the small clubs around town. I kick myself for never buying one back in 'the day'. Like all super bad ass Peavey gear, they stopped making it. Ever notice that? As a general trend, as soon as Peavey starts making a really nice piece of equipment, they discontinue it. Bastards.

I don't know Bump. The KiloBass, T-MAX & Classic 400 were awesome also. Unfortunately, they're gone also.


Originally posted by getz76:

I will concur, gripes with Peavey: (1) everything weighs 150 lbs. and (2) everything is discontinued after 1 year.

See what I mean? Could it be that part of Peavey's problem is that people feel that they are not committed to the bass gear that they develop? How could the Millennium be good enough to win Best New Bass, when it was introduced at NAMM, only to fall into obscurity?

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Originally posted by music-man:

It's mostly about image, I think.


If I were peeeveeee ...


I'd split out the lines of gear, and develop a new "pro" line. SWR has done a really good job of maintaining a "pro" image while selling lower-end Workingman's stuff.

Yeah, they have that new pro series called the "Pro Series". ;) Great stuff - head to head comparable with SWR silver grill gear and a little less money. Yeah, there will always be gear snobs. Maybe you can just replace your Peavey logos with SWR ones. :D
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I like my Peavey head. Its a Mark VIII XP (600 watts into 8 ohms) going into my 4x10 cab ( with Eminence Gamma speakers). I love it, and its good for medium-large gigs. I need to get a smaller rig for small venues, maybe my head into a 1x18 and 2x10?

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