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Sylver's SSS Post. Please read.

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Ok, I know some of you might be tempted to stop reading as soon as you understand what the nature of this post is, but please try to bear with me.


It's about a MP Forums Fantasy League project


There, I said it.


Still there? Good.


A few of us had this crazy idea. It was inspired by Brakka's mock draft post, which was tongue and cheek, but I started think it would be a great project for all of us to broaden ourselves and get to know each other better as a music community.


First, I want to address the issues that some of you might have as reasons not to participate:


I don't have the time to get involved in anything else in my life. Most of us are really busy. We have social lives, familiy, work and music(many of us several projects already) and adding to the pile by taking something else on would be too much.


The activity we're talking about would have a long deadline, so that people could work at a comfortable pace. We're think in the 3-6 month range. If you chose to get drafted as a player, how much time would it take you to write and record a part for one song? 5-6 hours maybe? A little less or more depending on the person, but in that time frame, it wouldn't take too much from everything else at all. As a manager, it might take a little more commitment time wise, but for someone interested in leading a project and/or producing, it could be very rewarding.


What if I get in with a group of people who I have nothing in common with?


Then you get a chance to do something new and different. Even if you only play mostly one style, expanding yourself for this one song might give you a new perspective on your style. If you are interested in working in diverse musical environments, then this is TOTALY your kind of project. Pot luck creation at its finest!


But what if the players are way above my skill level.


Playing with players above your skill level will make you better at what you do. Don't be shy. Everyone has something to contribute. Besides, you never now who might like working with you. It could be a good opportunity to network and make a name for yourself with someone who can help you out.


But what if the players in my group are way below my skill level


Playing with players below your skill level will make you better at what you do. Every now and then we all have to work with people with less experience, so it's good practice. Besides, everyone has something to contribute. More importantly, mentoring is great karma and makes you feel great about yourself.


The other thing to keep in mind is that every team should be a pretty good cross section of the whole group experience wise. More experienced players are likely to get taken in the early rounds, the less experienced ones in the later rounds. With good choices by the managers, than should leave each team pretty even. And who knows, maybe you'll discover the next {Insert name of multi platinum recording artist here}!


What if I don't have the ability to record a track and transfer it into an acceptable format.


Ok, well, you got me there. That is going to be the one snag. You have to be able to record a decent track and have some way of getting it to the other players. That's the only limitation I can think of.


How will we get our parts back and forth?


How your team works will be up to the team. A few suggestions are:


Work from scratch MP3s shared via an MP3 posting service like IUMA or MP3.com or from a team members site, then snail mail the wavs for the final mix.


Email small waves then have someone convert them to loops.


Send just a midi part.


Get togther if any teammates are close enough.


Be creative. It will be great swapping stories and comparing notes when it's all done.


OK, here is the basic premise:


Participants will be part of a team drafted fantasy league style by the managers. The object would be for each team to produce one original piece of music, start to finish.


Managers and players will volunteer for for the role they are intersted in (A more complete description of managers and players will be posted below.) All participants will list thier skills so the managers will be able to make informed choices.


The resulting tunes would be posted at the end(probably on a free site), and if enough interest is generated, maybe we could all throw in a buck and get a cd pressed for the participants.

It would not be a contest, there's no reward or prize at the end except the experience and the growth, but it seems to me that participating would be it's own reward.


Nursers mentioned something about making history, and he's right. This might be the first project of it's kind if it works out!


There are already several forum members interested and I'm hoping to get a good turnout for this. The more people involved, the more fun this could be.


Here are the details:


1. The primary goal is to have a multiple group collaboration between MP forum members. The object of the game is to have fun, get to know other forum members and learn and grow from the experience. Each team will get together one piece of original music that the world has never heard before. Go nuts!

2. The manager will pick the team members in rounds, each manager picking one player per round, and continuing untill all the managers have picked. This process would continue until all the players signed up are picked. It will be the manager who will act as the producer and team leader and organize and assign the roles to the team members. The role of manager will require some organizational skills obviously, and a creative nature. He/she will establish deadlines, mediate between the team's players and ensure that each player is in the role most suited to the project. They would also act as a true producer to guide the style and direction of the piece.

3. Players will fill out a simple survey to give others an idea of what skills they can offer. A player should be open to filling whatever role/s the producer chooses for them. That means that you might end up playing a different instrument than your main one, and might be assigned a technical duty as well(mixing engineer, mastering, etc.)

4. Teams will consist of at least three members, i.e. the manager and 2 players. (should we have an upper limit?) Multi role players are ok, but managers should make sure that one person doesnt hog the spotlight.

5. Logistics such as file transfer, formats, a/d preference and computer platform will be solely up to the teams. Want to snail mail everything? Sure. Meet in person? No problem. Pretty much anything goes.

6. Musical styles will be up to the team(and to an extent because of their draft choices, the managers). Try to be open to anything that comes your way.

7. There will be a time limit on this exercise of _________(what? 3 months? Six months? Long enough to not be a burden, but not so long that everyone will be afraid to commit.) Teams are encouraged to write perfomance/production notes and share their experience with everyone at the time that the finished songs are posted. All the projects will be posted on-line for all the world to hear(One of the free services would be the best idea for completed pieces). If there is enough interest, we could do a cheap run off of 50 or so CDs.

8. This is a challenge. It is not a competition in any way. There will be no prizes, cash awards, scholarships, or studio time awarded. And as always, please no wagering.


OK, if you have question or ideas about the anything, please post them on this thread: Fantasy League Brainstorming thread Don't be afraid to speak up if you have a rule ammendment or alteration to suggest! We'll use this thread to hash out the rules and logistics and answer any questions that may come up.


If you want to be a manager, register in this thread: (The manager thread is currently down)


If you want to be a player, register in this thread: Player sign up thread


Let's have fun out there!

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I want do add something to the parts about playing with more/less experienced players:

Everyone is a teacher

Everyone is a student

noone knows everything

I don't know if anybody has said that exact quote yet, not to my knowledge anyway.

groove, v.

Inflected Form(s): grooved; groov·ing

transitive senses:1a.to make a groove in;1b.to join by a groove;2.to perfect by repeated practice;3.to throw (a pitch) in the groove

intransitive senses:1.to become joined or fitted by a groove;2.to form a groove;3.to enjoy oneself intensely;4.to interact harmoniously

- groov·er noun

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Originally posted by Addix Metzatricity:

Email small waves then have someone convert them to loops.


Forget Email.If everyone involved started a free account at something like Streamload www.streamload.com A lot more would be possible.With streamload,you can upload files of any size,then to transfer them, you just check the file and hit Streambeam and beam the file to another members free account in seconds of any size and it's free.Just a suggestion.
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Alndlnm it doesn't actually seem to be free anymore. They charge $5 a month.


In any case, each team will figure out how to work together on thier own.


Good tip though. Hmmmmm, haven't see your name up there. Free YooHoo for all!

I really don't know what to put here.
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