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Anyone I should go see on 3rd or 4th in LA?


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Some friends and I got cheap tickets to go stay with a friend and see Disneyland for a few days. We might have the evening of Thursday, April 2 or Friday, April 3 available to see a bit of the nightlife around LA. Anybody know of any good shows in the area? No big $30 ticket gigs, as we're trying to keep a tight budget. But a nice jazz or blues club or restaurant with a notable house band would be great.


Thanks for any suggestions. (Oh, the more specific you could be about the location, the better. I've never been to LA and I'll have to explain it to someone else or get there via public transportation.)

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Are you staying in Anaheim? If so, that's a bit of a trek from the LA club scene. If you are wanting to do to Hollywood or any of the bigger clubs, you're going to spend well over $30. There are some great little clubs all over L.A. , the beauty being, you'll never know who will be playing or dropping by. My suggestion would be to pick-up a weekly newspaper called the L.A. Weekly. It's got pages and pages of club listings, hopefully you'll find something to see.
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