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Recording with a BassPOD


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Hi fellow bass players!


I am recording a bass player tomorrow in my studio and we are using a BassPOD. I've never used it before on a recording situation. So I'm wondering, is it possible to use both POD outputs at the same time?


What I want is to get the direct signal in one track (clean, from the POD), and also get the mic'd signal from an amplifier.


O was planning to plug the bass on the POD and send a direct signal to a track, and other signal to the amp, and get the mic'd signal onto another track.


Thanks for you help! :wave:

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If your proposed setup doesn't work, here are a few options:


1. Use an A/B box to split the signal to the Bass Pod and the amp.


2. Use the "re-amping" technique


The "re-amping" techinique might temporarily eat up another track, but it will be the most flexible option. Simply use a direct box to record both the mic'd cabinet and the direct sound of the bass on two separate tracks. Then send the recorded direct bass signal from the multi-track into the Bass Pod and record the Bass Pod on a third track to record the modeled signal. After you have both the mic'd and the modeled tracks, you could record over the direct sound, if desired


In fact, you could simply record the direct bass sound by itself, then send that direct bass signal from the multi-track to the Bass Pod or to any amplifier to record additional bass tracks. The only reason you might prefer to record the direct sound and the mic'd sound at the same time, is that the bassplayer might want to hear and respond to the cabinet sound while playing. This is a little bit more important for g*****r players, since they occaisionally use feedback.


Since your screen name implies that you use Pro Tools, you might also consider using a Line 6 "plug in" for the re-amping techinique instead of the Bass Pod, especially if you have limited in/out's on your computer set-up.

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I've recorded two album's worth of music with a bass Pod. Here's what we did:


Take the D.I. output signal and the A.I.R. output of the Pod right into two channels on the board. Mix to taste. Sum the two channels to one track.


There ya go.

Sounded great for us every time.


I liked the "Classic" and "Amp 360" tones best.



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