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Got my new amp yesterday!!!

DanYmaL X

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Originally posted by Edendude:



But I thought you had your heart set on SWR gear?!

I did, and will probably buy the Mini Mo' preamp in the future, but right now, for the price, this Carvin and an Avatar 4x10 cost me less than the SWR had I was looking at... I did a lot of research and it turns out here is a guy here where i work that has used Carvin gear extensively in the past, and he pretty much convinced me to give it a try. After a little bit of noodling last night, I think the Carvin sounds every bit as good as the SWRs I've tried, and better than a lot of others... GK, Peavy, Fender etc. But so far I have only run it through my 18" cab, as my 4x10 is not at the house. Tonight I hope to get the whole rig together and really put it to the test.



Aerodyne Jazz Deluxe

Pod X3 Live

Roland Bolt-60 (modified)

Genz Benz GBE250-C 2x10

Acoustic 2x12 cab


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