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What Amp????????


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Thanks to all for your input as I hammered out the details of this amp and that amp.

I hope I picked the right one. I love my Eden Nemesis so I stayed with eden. I went with the VT series for tube warmth. Hope I did ok. I didn't pay attention to the review on Bass Gear Review Archive, the tubes were made in China at that time I think.

The one I bought is the Eden VT-.40 400 watt Amp.

It's got that simple "User-friendly" EQ system that I prefer and the tubes were just replaced with new Mesa 12AX7's.

Price was fair, for a 10 yr old Eden. I gambled on Ebay so I'll post again when I get it, let you know how well it sounds.

Hawk :D

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Oh Allen,

Sorry didn't get back to ya. No bro, I love the tone too much, and It's only 50 lbs!!

Find one on ebay, prices have jumped lately but wait and pay no more than $350. It's WELL worth it.

Hawk :cool:

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