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some people are so stupid...


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hello everyone.i went to a concert tonight and i felt so angry about that double bass player, who knocked his music stand on a violin laid down in its open case...just before the show started...the voilin went out of tune and he didnt say a word to the girl who was playing it...she started playing the violin and everybody in the band looked so surprised...the double bass player included.what an idiot.... :cry:
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Wow, what a jerk.


I've had someone do that to me though, I was playing sax in a concert and they actually bent my octave key somehow....noone ever told me.


Lucky for me, I caught the problem after the first piece. REALLY lucky for me, I soloed in the next piece.


Some people are just afraid to admit they screwed up.

\m/ Timothy Lyons
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So there's this violist in the orchestra, and just before the concert starts, the conductor finds her weeping disconsolately.


"What's wrong, dear?"


"One of those awful bass players turned one of my pegs and put my viola out of tune."


"Well that's okay, dear. Just turn the peg and fix it."


"I can't," Weeping ensued.


"Why not, dear?"


"Because he won't tell me which one he turned!"


Aw shucks! I shouldn't be so heartless. I would be mortified that I had damaged the instrument had I done that. In fact, when I was student teaching, I saw a 7th grader with a brand new bass lose his first chair and wind up third chair. So he grumpily moved his bass and his music to third chair, threw his music on the stand. It started slipping off...so he caught it...with both hands.


This left the bass to stand up on it's own. It was out of practice and that, and immediately fell down on an entire rack of cellos. Cellos were okay, the neck of the bass broke in 2 spots, and the scroll/pegbox was fractured in three dimensions.


We do carry an unweildy beast, don't we. And we are not masters of grace, come to think of it.

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a bassist in Florida once came into a gig i was playing- he was very proud of his new 6 string and wanted me to play it on a tune- i told him i wasnt comfortable on 6 strings- he said i would be ok- he insisted so much i finally agreed- they kick off the tune and im completely in the wrong key!! i freaked!! it took me a few seconds to realize - not only am i playing a 6 , but this guy tunes down!! later he said " sorry! i forgot to tell you i tune a step down-- " - i killed him.. im all better now. :cool:

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Bassaddik's story reminds me of a story that our former moderator Ed Friedland told in an article he wrote.


I'll hope he'll forgive me for paraphrasing it here...he was attending a jam session at the now-defunkt Visiones jazz club here in the city (it was where Groove is now). Ratzo Harris the house bassist, and Ed asked him during a break if he could sit in.


He knew that Ratzo Harris played a 5 string upright, but Ed figured since he played electric 5 he wouldn't have too much trouble. Ratzo said "Sure, have fun," with a mischevious glint in his eye.


So Ed goes over and picks up Ratzo's acoustic, and happens to look down just as the drummer's counting off the tune...


Ratzo's double bass had 6 strings. :D Ulp...

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Ratzo's double bass had 6 strings.

Where'd Ratzo get that? I've already tried tackling a 5 string NS electric upright, and find that a bit tricky, being a small fry...


As for the bass player who spilled his music stand, I MIGHT fire the guy, or at least subject him to a stern warning towards possible dismissal if it happened again. I can't stand such incompetent behavior. I would've stalled the show for a few minutes to allow the girl to tune her violin, apologized to her, and then start the show. Just politely tell the audience that there are "some technical difficulties at the moment". That would've been more professional IMHO.

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