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Custom Bass Pickup Question


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Need a little advice-


I have a Custom 4 I purchased on the Net. Mahogany

body, Koa top, Paduak neck W/ Ebony board. Single

Bart W4C (WC4?) in Bridge Position. I like the

Bass, but the tone is very mid-heavy. Anyone know

the difference between the W4C and the MM Replace-

ment? I'm thinking of installing something along

the line of a Lakland 4-94.(Without Active Elec.)


Thanks for your Help

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you can look at bartolini's web site for the dimensions of the pickup. you could also measure it for yourself.


then you can check sizes of whatever pickup you want to use to replace and get out the router.


however, the best option would be to contact the luthier and see what he/she would charge to do the mod for you. most custom builders are very open to making you happy with your bass.



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Yes, I have visited the Bart site and I believe the

only physical difference is the "dogears" on the

W4C. No Problem - We'll fill the hole . But I'm

looking for input on the possible tonal differences

between the W4C and the MM replacement. I'm not

trying to make this bass sound like my '70 P-Bass,

but I'm not happy with having to EQ it to death

to find a tolerable tone.

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Well, my MM is really mid-heavy and it has the stock pickup. Are you going to switch out the preamp as well? That could help the mid-heavy sound. Also, on my Zon, the mid control was in the control cavity. It had Barts and a Bart pre. It had some amazing sounds, but, it had the twin soapbars.
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This bass is passive - volume and tone only. Installing a Bart Pre and a J pup in the neck position may be the ticket.Don't get me wrong - the mids aren't intolerabe - I just want more versatility. The cavity is quite large and could


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Well, before I'd add a pickup, I'd change the one I had and the pre and see if that gave me the results I wanted. I have also heard many great things of the Aguilar onboard pre and the J Retro. I think the J Retro may work against what you're wanting (making it sound more like your P), so maybe that's not the top choice. I know it's kind of hard to try different pickups and pre's, but, I'd see if I could find some to give a try. Now, if you want to stay passive, I suggest looking into Rio Grande . They have some nice stuff and they sound amazing. I liken it to adding a Sonic Maximiser to your bass. They will do custom orders for you, as well. I very highly recommend them.
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