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kiss symphony


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anyone gettin it on PPV?? is it televised up in the states??/

well either way I AM GOING TO SEE IT LIVE!!!!



*sticks out tongue, and plays invisible axe bass*

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Frankly, I really would like to go to a KISS show--the bigger, the gaudier, the tackier, the more ridiculous the better. I wouldn't go for the same reasons I'd go see the Flower Kings or the Flecktones, of course. It's about the show, and it sounds like a hoot. Have fun.

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I love Kiss. Always have.

I loved 'em when I was a kid and just thought they looked cool, and I love 'em more now that can appreciate the music and the marketing involved in making the band so huge. Those guys didn't miss a trick and never skimped on anything.


While nothing they ever did will blow anyone's mind musically, you really can't argue with the essential "rock" of it all. The songs did what they were supposed to do -- kick ass simply and directly without a lot of excess baggage. Kind of a musical comic book. Just fun, catchy stuff.


And the live show... sheesh... ridiculous pyro, effects, lighting... man... nobody does that better than Kiss. What a fucking spectacle... Ace's smoking guitar... Gene spitting blood and fire and flying overhead... That stuff is great theater.


Yeah, I know... It's immature and boorish... oh wait.. that's rock n' roll, isn't it?



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C'mon, guys. KISS isn't/wasn't all that bad... I can name alot of groups that I'd prefer a KISS show to.

And besides, KISS is all about the show, like dcr said...

have a blast, sheX!


and you know, without KISS, we'd never have this:


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I've seen Kiss both with and without the makeup and the makeup version is much better. I grew up on them, so it's hard for me to find fault with them. Kiss is all about the show. A lot of bands have gotten away from this aspect of the entertainment value and, personally, I'd like to see more of it.
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Actually I would say that Kiss with a Symphony might be blasphemy in itself!!! We need distorted guitars and fireworks and make up and fire and blood and...!!!!


Saw the reunion show and I was brought back a few years for sure!!!


For a second there I was a teenager again...Dude!!

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