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using the crossover

doc taz

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After some research, I've figured out what the crossover on my Peavey can do for me. Say I want to use a 2x10 with a horn driver. I decide to use the high crossover output. The crossover frequency is dialed at 200 Hz. How much power should I be using for a power amp for the extra cab? What ohm rating should I use for the 2x10?


My combo:

Peavey TNT 115 Black Widow speaker

rated at 150 watts @ 4 ohms

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there are two schools of thought on this:


[1] the LF side should get a lot more power than the HF side, since it requires so much more energy (i.e. watts) to sound loud.


[2] both sides should get the same power, because it will be a lot louder anyway, and you can always vary the level of either one to match the other.


so my answer would be anywhere between 50W and 150W, depending on how much power your peavey is sending to the 15" BW.


i suppose it's worth experimenting with, though i'm guessing $150 at carvin.com would do the trick.



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Is there a level control in addition to the crossover frequency? There is on my Marshall bass amp, so I just use another amp with more power (not hard to do, the Marshall is not loud), use a bigger speaker (for bass ) or smaller speaker (for highs ) and then use the level controls as an additional tone control. You want more booty, turn up the bass send, more bite, turn up the highs.


I agree with Rob that the bass frequencies need more power. Your set up with the 15 and 2 10's plus tweeter should sound pretty good. I would suggest setting the crossover lower, maybe 125 or so because the 2 10's can handle the low mids with no problem.


I hope this helps you decide.....

I'm trying to think but nuthin' happens....
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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I just did a little comparison shopping, and the most inexpensive route would be to get everything I need from Carvin. A friend of mine bought an awesome sounding PA system and speakers from them. Not to mention the handy 10 day money back guarantee, and great customer support.
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