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J style pick-ups


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Has anyone tried the Lindy Fralin J's? They got a great review in Bass Player.


Any other recommendtations for a fairly old school J sound? (Warmth and THE FUNK etc.) For preference, something that will get rid of that annoying 60hz hum.


What are the J-retro pre-amps like? Do they have a passive option?

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My Mike Lull bass has Lindy Fralin j-pickups. They are great. the bass sounds like the best of all possible jazz basses.


I tried a j-retro preamp at Dude's house once, but not long enough to really form an opinion.


But on the other hand, I've only heard good things about them, nothing bad.

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J-Retro preamps do have a passive option. I've seen diagrams on the web somewhere about what the knobs do, but I'm not sure where now.


I've heard great things about the Lindy Fralin pickups. I've also heard some positive stuff about Rio Grande single coils and Aero single coils. You have plenty of options in terms of getting ol' skool single coil sound.



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