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Sometimes, what looks bad turns out to be good!


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He he......It's been bugging the hell out of me. What did I lack or do incorrectly that I didn't get the choice position a couple of months ago, when I was second choice for them two years ago. I thought I did everything right, as did others in the band.


No closure. Just left hanging, out to dry.


So a few days ago I'm talking with a singer I'm thinking of getting together with. Bright young lady, brilliant voice. She suggests the direct approach, just come out and ask, because it ain't right to just leave folks hanging. Good advice by me, so I did. I asked for constructive criticism, rather like going through an interview when leaving a job as many companies do these days. The answer I got rather confirms things.


Hard words to say, but he's an effen backstabber, and I'm not saying it just because someone else got it. If I was beaten by virtue of superior chops, that's the best thing I could hope for! But my chops and my performance weren't an issue at all!


I'm saying it because he did and did all of the right things, the right words and actions, to get you on his side when he needs you in an emergency, making it like you're a shoe-in or that you may have a decent financial and professional future working with him. Even gives the finely practiced facial expressions and stuff when you discuss things in person.


Geez, the bastage even invites you to his private Christmas party to keep you thinking positive, that he's looking out for your future in the band! Based on his suggestions and advice I even dropped a grand on new gear to make the bass much stronger.


Then he starts to screw people around and begins to get his way, his true side comes through and what the singer warned me about comes true, that he literally "hates people, hates dealing with people" (his own words as quoted when I wasn't needed).


I'm looking to get the heck out of technology just because of people like this. It's bloody infectious and completely sucks to work for liars, thieves and bastages.


Maybe in this day and age it's wrong, but I'm proud to be an old fashioned person, to say only what I mean and seriously mean what I say.


And to me, this proved to be just plain dishonest, as simple as that. Tell a person they are only filling in, tell them it's not permanent, just be honest and everything is cool.


In my book, you don't EVER disrespect a person and lead a person on with BS and lies to keep your butt from hitting the muck when things get hard. That's bloody cowardly! You know, have the intestinal fortitude to take your own lumps before passing them on to others.


Phew!!! I'm grateful I didn't get it now! Screw him!! He's missing out on a helluva bassist and now whatever he gets is what's coming to him!!!


No way in heck I'd be able to work long term with a manipulative lying bastage like that!!!


Eff-him! He's on my crap list permanently!

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; one lick and you suck forever.
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Yeah, if it's temp, say so. If it's more, say so. Just say what it is.


I know a guy who took a one- or two-year position because the folks who hired him encouraged him with the prospect of a permanent position once it was possible. (Not in music; I won't say where.) Well, when the permanent position became available, he went up for it (so did I, for that matter), & the job went to...the love interest of the person in charge. Blind-sided everyone, including the other guys in the organization who hadn't known anything about it & who had even been on the search/hire committee (one of them went out of his way to explain to me what had happened, & apologized! He felt like a jackass.) Really, really, really uncool. That person lost respect by the truckload over that one. I have to console myself with the thought that eventually it bites them. Even if it doesn't, well, they have to spend the rest of their lives with a huge jerk--themselves.


Bright side, aren't you glad you're not in that organization, after all? You would've wanted out eventually...this way, it's just easier. Good luck moving on. It'll happen.

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