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i get to play cool stuff!


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i hope this isn't viewed as spam, but more of a "my job is damn cool" kind of thing.


i work for peavey. i got the grind NTB 4 and 5 basses in for testing on friday (they were reviewed in BP recently). i'm taking my rack in to play them through the 810TVX cabinet i keep in the lab (ya know, for testing basses and power amps... :P ).


i'm excited. i get to play bass at work. and through an 8x10 powered by my K2. (and get this, my K2 puts out 800W into 4 -- a perfect match for that cab.) i wish i could tell you honestly what i think of all of this when i'm done, but that wouldn't be very unbiased, would it? as much as i don't want to own a big rig, it's true that there's some magic in an 8x10. i can't wait.



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You realize that I now hate you. You could have left well enough alone and not rubbed in our faces that you have a great job and get to test this great gear. You have the job most of us want. I'm envious. You know, you could tell them you "lost" the gear and send it around to the individuals on the forum for real testing? Then, the gear would "mysteriously" reappear after a few weeks. That's just a thought. (hint, hint)
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I got the coolest job. I get to play with kids heads all day long.


I do play with their heads...and I hope that the way I take them apart and rebuild them makes their lives more rewarding.


I have to admit, though, being a bass test-or would be cool. I'd like to get into all kinds of product testing....like, for example, high end resturants, new homes, BMW cars...you know. All the necessities.

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