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Jazz musician bulletin boards, Toronto, Ontario area?


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Are there any?


I mean, there have to be musicians who do jazz/blues or just want to put together a jazzy/bluesy kind of thing in this area. There seems to be nothing but rock and roll heads in this area I'm in, and in case the Monday night thing doesn't work out, I'd like to know where I can sort of meet people with similar musical interests.


I did a Google search and only came up with:




But it doesn't seem to have any activity on it, judging by the dates of the older postings.


I check out the local music stores, put ads in them too. Jazz clubs are all too far for me to frequent on a daily basis (none up here).


Electronically I keep my eyes on:


Torontomusician.com (part of communitymusician.com)







All of these seem to have nothing but metal and rock on them.

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Know The Rex club in Toronto? It's around Queen street, i can't remember the adress though. They hvae open jam nights sometimes...I'll look deeper into it and report back :thu:

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