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Bass Pod BUZZ


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Just wondering if anyone can help me...


I've been playing with a Bass Pod hooked up through the effects loop of my Eden 210XLT combo amp for small gigs. I have the Pod running through Channel 1, but use the amp's footswitch to switch between this channel and Channel 2, which I use for my clean tone. Lately I have gotten a significant buzz on Channel 1.


Is this a reasonable way to hook up this effects system??

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I always felt the effects loop to be noisier than just running through the front end of the thing.

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Make sure that your cables are as good as you can afford. Cheap cables won't help matters and crappy cables will just make things worse.


This is almost never the case in a buzzing situation, but check to make sure that the electrical contacts are clean.


Make sure that you are matching impedances properly with reference to the various jacks on both the amp and the POD. A serious impedance mismatch can surely cause significant humming.


Do you have an active bass (P/U or electronics)? If yes, your low battery may be affecting one (namely the POD) setting but not the other just yet. Replace the battery.

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