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Hey guys,

Ive had a small crack at the top of my neck near the tuning head for a while. The guy at the shop said not to worry bout it. I thought it was a stress crack. Its a maple neck. Well ive notices that the tuning head has been unsettling recently...so i tighten it but just this one...right next to the crack. And today i noticed the crack has gotten bigger by like 1/2 a mm. Im scared pissless......replace the neck....or pawn it

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Personally, if faced with that problem, what I would do is:


If it's a real rush, like less than a few hours before a gig, get it patched as well as possible to stabilize it.


Otherwise I'd replace the neck. I wouldn't feel comfortable enough to trust it to last for very long, even if it is well patched, since something in that neck has a lot of strain, more than usual, and it's causing the wood to split.


Weigh the cost of replacing the neck now at your relative convenience, versus the cost of it failing on stage or just when you're about to go on.

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I have a very similar problem on a P Bass with a Maple neck.

The crack is underneath the E string tuner and I can stick an index card into it.

I called Roger Sadowsy about this and he said it is a very common problem and it is repairable.

If you notice on the Lakland Glaub and Osborn basses - Dan beefed up the neck in that same area to avoid the cracking and splitting.



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