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Power for my pre amp


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I was thinking about putting together my Bass POD (later I'll upgrade to Pro version if everything will be OK with this setup), power amp and my EBS 4x10. The question is which power amp should I use. Anyone with similar setup.

And one more thing: I'm on tight budget. So something around 700$ would be great :)

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i see you're from slovenia...


i don't know if ebay has a european branch, so i guess you may or may not be able to do that. but the idea remains that if you buy used, you can certainly do very well for yourself. i really love crown, and a few other people around here do, too. if you have the time, look around for a good, used crown.


otherwise, it's $699.99 at samash.com for a brand new QSC PLX1602. you may have to settle for the PLX1202 if QSC costs more overseas.


the other brand you should look out for is stewart. there are a few guys on the forum here who could stand up for their amps.



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