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fender bassman 100


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Urgent! need advice.

I posted something a week or so ago, I just bought a warwick sonic III amp @300 watts and a 410 SAd (german made) cab. Now I saw a 70s Bassman 100 Top in our local store in good condition for about 300 euros. should i give the warwick back and get the fender. I just fell in love with it and I play guitar, too, so I could use it for both. How much power is 100 watts all tube anyway. Will I be able to play in a rockband. From guitar playing I know that 100w tube is in no way comparable to 100w solid state. Please help!!! Tank you very much

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Never did play a 70' Bassman. But, had a 100 watt one back in the late 60's. I'll have to be honest with you. It just wasn't enough power. I couldn't punch through the rest of the garage band I was in at all. The only Fender Bass amp that would do the trick back then was the Dual Showman. The Bassman that I had was stock with to 12's. It sounded good, there just wasn't enough there. But, that's just my opinion and feeble memory.

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