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I really don't know as much as I should...


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Here's the story: I bought an old beat up GK-210T to fix up and make into a fairly decent cab. I took a chance and bought some fairly inexpensive 10's from speakerhole.com and I'm quite surprised with the low end I get, but I'm still missing the highs. I've got just enough room to drill in a spot for a tweeter, and I'm probably gonna order one online again. However, I got few questions before I do something I shouldn't.

1)Crossovers: Instead of bombarding you guys with all the questions I have on theses, does anyone know a comprehensive website that has all the do's and don't's?

2)Will the sound pressure created by the woofers create a threat to the tweeter, requiring a seperate, sealed chamber?

3)What effect does the addition of a crossover and tweeter have on the impendance of the entire unit? (Should the tweeter be wired in series or paralelle?)

4)The cab has slot style porting on the bottom, but I'm pretty sure that circular porting creates much better sound quality. Should I attempt to seal the slots, and add a circular port, seal the cab entirely, or leave it as it is?


This is a big one, so thanks to everyone who has any input :wave:

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Alright. I'll bite.


First of all, the cab was originally tuned/ported/designed for whatever speakers GK put in there. That said, if you do not replace them with the same brand/model, your tonal results may vary drastically.


Now, onto the 10's that you bought. Are they full range or did you make the mistake of buying car/home audio subs? The speakers in bass guitar enclosures are full range, even in bass cabs that have a tweeter in them. If you run your bass through speakers that are designed to be a sub woofer, it will sound like ass... but you'll have none-more lowend.


When adding a high end driver to the cab, you may drastically affect the way the 10's sound too; depending on how the over all enclosure is designed/sealed/ported/etc.

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