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Anyone Low Down Down Under?


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im a melbourne boy!


hey i met a bass player from newcastle on my holiday to queensland... how bassoes can there be in newcastle?? it's the size of my pinky toe!!

- roses on your breath but graveyards on your soul -
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Well, I'm not an Aussie, but I've visited Newcastle! I stayed with relatives in Narabeen (north coast of Sydney, a few km from Manly) and we had a holiday within the holiday to Nelsons Bay, on the way there we stopped for food in Newcastle.


Can't remember the food, but it's a beautiful country...my aunt sent me a calender at Christmas..Simply beautiful scenery from the Blue mountains.


CupMcMali...this monkey's gone to heaven :freak:

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Started back in 1994. I've been out for a couple of years after a very ordinary dose of band politics and a spineless manager/agent.

I teach in a high school and have quiet a good time performing with the kids. There are some really talented kids getting around out west. Pity most of them don't have the motivation to apply their talents.

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