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if ur bored, i got a question


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its me again. Can some tell me bout pre amps, power amps, and cabinets as appose to just a combo. If i was to buy a cabinet, woul i have to buy a pre amp, or a power amp, or both. And if i have all that should i go for a modeler too?

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We just had a thread on this recently.


If you can't find it, post here and I'll dig.

If it doesn't answer your question, then try us again (but it was pretty good).


It didn't cover the modeler - that's really "extra"....




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A combo is everything that you need for amplification in one package -- preamp, poweramp, and speaker(s) -- for example, a Peavey TNT 115 or an SWR Workingman's 12.


You can also go the route of a separate amp head (a preamp and power amp combined in a single piece of equipment) and cabinet (your speakers). Examples of heads would be an Ampeg SVT-3Pro or an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO.


You can also have a rack system, where the preamp and power amp are different units, and then you still need a speaker cabinet. Examples of preamps would be a Demeter VTBP-201 or an Alembic F1X. Examples of power amps would be a Crown K1 or K2, or a Stewart World 1.6.


You don't need a modeler. Some people use 'em, some don't.


Hope this helps. And like TC wrote above, there's a thread out there with all of this info, and maybe more detail.





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