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Estate Cars


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Given that we were getting off topic on the 4/8 ohm cab debate I thought I'd restart the motoring discussion on a new topic.


I need a car (estate, or at least a hatchback). I have £1000-£1500 to spend, maybe a little more for the right car. I've been driving a Mk2 Golf for the past 5 years. I'm quite happy with it, but it's getting a little old and I need something a little bigger. I'm thinking a Passat estate, a Puegot, an Escort...or something along those lines. As much as I need something a little bigger than the Golf, I don't want to end up driving a land yacht.


The car has gotta hold 1 (soon to be 2) 4x10s, two basses, a 3unit rack and various other bits and bobs. (This lot will just about fit in the Golf, but I have to put the seats down, and it is a real squeeze.)


Any thoughts/horror stories/advice?


Sweet Willie...thanks for the PM.

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Well, by "estate" do you mean what us yanks call "station wagon?"


The real problem with them is people can see in. I lost about $4500 of gear outta my Escort Wagon.


Still it's a really good bass car. And I got my sweetheart bass back, after all.


My Kia is approaching 13000 and is serving me fine...


We have discussed this topic before... read this thread about the best ride for a bass player.


If you want to reopen that discussion, simply post to it.

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Nick, if you want something that'll carry more than your Mk2 Golf but not feel like land yacht, you're best off getting an estate version of a similar sized car, eg a Golf Mk3 estate, a Peugeot 306 estate (not an Escort estate, terrible cars - and completely different to the US ones). I have a Peugeot 306 XSi 3-door and it is a fantastic car and easily holds all my gear.


If you really want a car that will fit all your gear in without putting the seats down you will need something huge, Vauxhall Omega estate, Volvo 850, Mercedes E-class etc, and even then you'll struggle with two 4x10" cabs.


I've had a quick look on autotrader.co.uk and 306 estates seem to start at £2500, so they're a bit expensive, but I have found a bunch of Golf estates within your budget.


Hope that helps,




P.S. Dave, maybe this should be the European "What car to get?" thread...

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You can get the 410's into the volvo 850 estate, just don't try a 3/4 upright. I would be driving the volvo right now if it wasn't for the URB. Its onw of the nicest, best handling wagons (er...estates) out there.
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