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walking basslines


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What Jeremy said, Ed's Building Walking Basslines is a great place to start. It's an easy read with straight quarter notes and comes with a CD with the bass on one side and piano and drums on the other. The bass can be rolled off.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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I wanted to learn walking bass when I was in high school. I got the feel, but my harmonic knowledge was zero, resulting in boring pentatonic lines that sounded like my blues licks slowed down to quarter notes.


So I grudgingly studied harmony and theory which at the time I considered boring (was 17 and am ADD). It did wonders, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know...because it was so fascinating. Once I understood how chords were built, not only did my walking improve to where I could lay down a decent foundation over tunes with lots of changes, but it improved my playing tremendously in all styles as well.


Get Ed's book. It's great, he's a wonderful writer and his material should help you a lot.


Another great book that's amazingly elegant in its simplicity of abbroach is "Modern Walking Bass Technique" by Mike Richmond. It's excellent because it's just notes and chord symbols without much else. Read the lines and you increase your vocabulary and at the same time learn to understand how walking basslines are largely improvisational.


A video won't help you because it's not the technical requirements of walking that are the greatest challenge (unless you're doing a jam session at Small's or something... :D )), it's understanding the music you're playing.

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