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Time for a new compressor?

Adrian Smith

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Just got an SWR 350x w/ a 4x10 cab. I have used my little Alesis NanoCompressor for several years, but I think it may be time to upgrade to a dbx or a larger Alesis. Do you think it is worth getting a $150-$300 compressor over mine, or should I wait to spend the big bucks and milk the $60 one for now?


I use my compressor mainly to even out notes, but noise reduction is important as well. I don't need stereo operation.


Sorry to post the 5 millionth thread on compressors, but I didn't quite find what I was looking for when I used the Search tool. ;)

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Originally posted by KikkyMonk:

Ive heard really good things about the RNC... but dont know anything past that.



My rig consists of a tuner, a Really Nice Compressor and a Mesa Boogie D-180.


The RNC is very subtle and clean sounding. Very natural. Even cranket to 6:1 ratio, it still delivers attack, and its tiny and lightweight.


I bought an empty rack tray which holds all my odds and ends-- the RNC, plug bar and my direct box, with plenty of room left over for whatever else I might need to set down. It's five years old, and hasn't flinched.



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