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could anyone recomend a book for me to study

Jay J.

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I want to start studying music a bit more closely in my spare time. I am looking to really learn how to read music well. for my bass. I also am looking for something that has all the different modes, scales, arpeggios. and something that can teach me which mode/scale is appropriate for a particular cord or key. this might be a lot but I want to get a few good books and start getting back up to snuff on this stuff. can anyone recomend anything to get me started.


I have a person who is not going to formally teach me but said they would lend a hand when I have questions. kinda a mentor I can call upon.

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Ed Freidland (who writes a column for BassPlayer)has several books available (and a new DVD) in a variety of styles. I personally have bought a couple of his books, and I really like them. I've been playing for about 30 years, but his books still had stuff I need to learn


edfriedland.com - I don't know how to post a link :(


I hope this is helpful

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thanks for the replies. that "serious electric bass book" looks real good. I think I am going to get that one. and there is a lot of useful looking stuff on the ed friedland page also. I have heard good things about his books. think I might also pick up that walking basslines book.
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Oh, good grief - I know I'm showing my age, but...


After you've gone through all the great recommendations previously cited...check out Rufus Reid's "The Evolving Bassist".


30 years later, when I feel I'm in a rut of sorts, I go back and learn/relearn lessons from that book. Reading skills/playing over changes...they're all there, tho some of it is intended for the upright player (the lessons can still apply).


I've had my copy for...cough,cough, ahem...('scuse me) many years...You can probably find one in a used book store for a few $$$...Worth it, in my book.



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Originally posted by Scootdog:

"Serious Electric Bass" by Joel Di Bartolo

I think this fits what you're looking for.

This is exactly the book I was going to suggest. I'm working through it slowly. I haven't gotten far yet, though.



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1) Jazz Theory Book, by Mark Levine. Don't let the title influence you, it is a very thorough overview of modern theory that will help any musiciain no matter what instrument they play.


2) Anything that Sher Music publishes. "Concepts in Bass Soloing" by Marc Johnson is very very good.


3) The Improvisers Bass Book


4) Transribe. Go here and download this application and then learn all the songs you have ever wanted to learn.


It slows down songs without modifying the pitch, allows you to loop, etc. It makes learning tunes ridiculously easy.



Just keep practicing.

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