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Jazz it up


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As you all know, jazz owns. I figured this out about two years ago after I started playing. Problem is theres lots of stuff out there and I'm a bit over my head. I love Jaco, Miles Davis, Wooten.. I'm looking for some fast tempo, upbeat intrumental jazz to look into. I got some CD gift certificates for christmas, so give me a shopping list :D
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Well, it's really easy to get in over your head if you rely on others suggestions too much.

It takes a while to be able to appreciate some things ...& besides everybody likes different stuff.

I think you should try the listening booth at record shops or maybe tune into some stations that play jazz or new records regularly, then make your selections from what you're intrigued with when you actually hear it. :thu:

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It may be that you can get overwhelmed by too many suggestions.


There are lots of resources....here's a link that has some pretty good suggestions Top 100 voted jazz albums


Note: Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" tops the list...and it's not fast! Go Figure.


Here's the Penquin guide to 5-star records...essentials from the greats


AS a matter of fact, here\'s an URL that has a link to several sites.


I especially like the link to "best jazz albums on CD" because it references a very good book. Good luck in your search

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Well, this is an infinitely answerable query...


The first thing that came to mind, though, was Chick Corea's Acoustic Band (with John Patitucci & Dave Weckl). Every moment is brilliant and very entertaining, imho. Delightful.


If there's anything sweeter than Curtis Fuller's trombone on "Blue Train," or Davis' horn on "Kind of Blue," it would have to be beyond human comprehension.

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Be careful about fast jazz for a beginning jazz performer- it's too easy to play what shouldn't be played. Jazz bass is less about chops than it is about note selection. Nothing's wrong with fast jazz, but I'd be sure to incorporate slow tempo jazz as well to get the full picture. BTW, Porgy and Bess is just mindblowing, IMHO, and it moves along at a snail pace; the trick is that Bill Evans and Miles Davis makes it interesting by picking the perfect notes.
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